In traditional Chinese medicine, each solar term is associated with specific health considerations and recommendations to align with the seasonal changes. “Dàxuě” (Greater Snow) marks the period of early December when the weather becomes significantly colder, and snow may start falling in some regions. A fundamental concept of Eastern medicine is that illness is created […]

Reflect, Balance, and Thrive with These Essential Questions to Embrace Presence, Spontaneity, and Connection Fire Seasonal Health Inventory Checklist I encourage you to reflect on the following questions and identify areas needing attention to take stock of your Fire Season Health: I. Heart: Presence II. Heart: Spontaneity and Chaos III. Heart: Escapism and Burnout IV. […]

The quality of nature that is significant in early summer is spreading. We can see this quality in flowers as they bloom, the petals gently spreading wide. Tree branches will spread out a bit further and reach towards the sun. It is found in birds spreading their wings to fly. And it is found in you as […]

How did this sweet little pea come into being? The delight we feel for this precious little pea is due to the marvelous transformation that has occurred, seemingly out of nothing, in becoming its full expression of life. If you were to contemplate the invisible origin of the smallest of delights you have harvested, you […]

At one time in my life, I had the most magnificent garden. It was located next to a river that roared deftly with the spring run off, swollen and mighty. In May, the garden would just begin to be productive. It would produce the smallest peas, made sweet by the cold nights. I would stand […]

I feel confident that I can maintain a clean and safe environment at my clinic while serving our community. Please note an updated policy change due to COVID-19 per Summit County Health Department If you are exhibiting any of the following symptoms, you shall be rescheduled to the later of fourteen (14) days, or three […]

The following herbal medicine information is based upon the herbal protocols that physicians are using in Wuhan, China to treat COVID-19.  I have simplified the protocols to formulas that you can have at home. If you choose to use the formulas, please keep the following in mind: This virus attacks the mucosal membrane of the […]