Maile McKain

The last two weeks were about setting your root by connecting with the ground. This is a metaphor for being in your body. This creates a sense of belonging. By belonging to the earth itself, being grounded, you feel more centered and balanced. This is the foundation for having balanced Earth energy. The physiology of water in our […]

Poison creek runs through our backyard. It is a diurnal creek fed from the snowmelt of the Wasatch mountains. In the spring I find myself standing on the bridge mesmerized by the ever rising level of swirling muddy water. I watch the thin red roots of the willows that line the bank grow longer and deeper. There’s […]

This blog is about the mindfulness practice of paying attention to nature and how it is found within you. Timeless truths of nature, qualities of nature, are also the qualities of you and your true nature. Recognizing your true nature clears away the blinding darkness of confusion. You can see clearly the true nature of your mind […]

I feel confident that I can maintain a clean and safe environment at my clinic while serving our community. Please note an updated policy change due to COVID-19 per Summit County Health Department If you are exhibiting any of the following symptoms, you shall be rescheduled to the later of fourteen (14) days, or three […]

The following herbal medicine information is based upon the herbal protocols that physicians are using in Wuhan, China to treat COVID-19.  I have simplified the protocols to formulas that you can have at home. If you choose to use the formulas, please keep the following in mind: This virus attacks the mucosal membrane of the […]

Update on COVID-19 Procedures, Read More
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