Tend your Inner Fire with Gratitude

At one time in my life, I had the most magnificent garden. It was located next to a river that roared deftly with the spring run off, swollen and mighty. In May, the garden would just begin to be productive. It would produce the smallest peas, made sweet by the cold nights.

I would stand in the garden eating the tender pods off the vines, feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin, and listening to the mighty roar. After a long, cold winter, I would feel such delight and gratitude for the smallest little pea, the sun, the river. The kind of gratitude that could almost break me in two.

The quality of nature that is significant this time of year is being satisfied with small things, having gratitude, and wonder to feed our inner light, our inner fire.

In May, there is a subtle shift towards summer. The light of the sun is now strong enough to create heat to warm the earth. This heat is reflected in our metabolism, our ability to digest and extract nutrients, get out of bed in the morning, connect with others, and have zest for life.

When people feel burned out what they feel is their lack of fire. Fortunately there are many ways to tend to fire. In the very beginning of summer the way to tend to it is with feeling your emotions that relate to your Heart – wonder, delight, gratitude, connection, and joy.

Tend your inner fire by feeling gratitude. Find satisfaction for the smallest of things that nature gives us this time of year. Let your Heart fill with joy that nature brings.