Creating Something from Nothing

How did this sweet little pea come into being?

The delight we feel for this precious little pea is due to the marvelous transformation that has occurred, seemingly out of nothing, in becoming its full expression of life.

If you were to contemplate the invisible origin of the smallest of delights you have harvested, you would think of nature or consciousness itself and the possibilities of transformation. The quality of nature that is significant in this contemplation is transformation.

Transformation means creating something from nothing. In Eastern thought it is the digestive process that creates transformation. During this process we are extracting the light of the sun stored in food and transforming it into energy.

How much light is there in the food you are eating? To what extent can you extract the light? How well can you transform this light into energy? Our inner digestive fire is key to this process.

Clean eating means that you can cleanly burn what you eat so it doesn’t leave much residue. All burning of fuels leaves a residue, some more than others. If your digestive fire can burn very efficiently, you have the potential to burn your fuel cleanly and leave the least amount of reside.

When you eat, notice how well you burn your fuel by observing your digestion. Are there signs of burning dirty – gas, bloating, indigestion, sticky poops, constipation. Getting tired after eating, having brain fog, rashes, food allergies, even panic attacks. Many times our body is reacting to the residue of incomplete digestion rather than the initial food itself.

This residue lines your teeth, arteries, and brain as plaque. It can build up in your joints as spurs and inflammation. In your gut, sinuses, and mouth it can become a thick and slimy biofilm. It also gums up your organs – the liver, gallbladder, prostate, and uterus.

Anything we cannot digest will create toxic sludge. Anything we want to change requires transformation.

You can also think of the metaphor of transformation and extracting light from life experiences and emotions. Can we transform our experiences into wisdom? Can we extract the lesson, the emotion, the felt sense?

You have been following nature with the movement of the sun. This time of year the interaction between the earth and the sun produces magnificent things, which is reflected inside of us. Looking within and observing the transformation happening in a seemingly effortless way, what do you notice? Can you sense when your engine of digestion working smoothly? Which foods and experiences give light to the transformation of being calm, energized, and focused? Take a moment to be mindful about what suits your system best and use this awareness to cultivate your own inner light.