The Winter Solstice tradition involves burning old grievances and welcoming new dreams around a bonfire. The pivot from the setting sun’s energy to the rising sun’s energy is emphasized, highlighting the importance of moving from darkness to light. Understanding the Gallbladder system’s role in physical and emotional flexibility is crucial for embracing change.

Solar Term 21 | Dec 6 – Dec 20 Low Expectations It was a grey day, windy and cold, with just a dusting of snow on top of ice. It was the kind of day where it was hard to be outside. Even walking was a challenge on the trail after being beaten up with […]

The Alpine cold arrived early this year. A couple of weeks in, and my clinic is busy. Some days the waitlist is 1, 3, or even 5 people. There are voicemail messages from people seeking relief from pain, speaking with tight voices from holding back tears. Loved ones are dying. Joints are aching. Cancer is […]

Solar Term 18 | October 21 – November 7 There is land behind my house that needs attention. Every day I walk past, trying to create a vision of its potential. It’s been neglected for so long that it feels downtrodden. I walk through the plants pulling invasive weeds, inspecting the earth, and thinking of […]

Solar Term 14 | August 22 – Sept 6 Chaos Making sense of things is one reason why I started paying attention to the way Nature shows up in ourselves. Life can be very disorienting at times and I was looking for a place to orient in order to create a sense of order in […]

Solar Term 12 | July 22 – August 6 I don’t tolerate the heat very well. As the days get hotter I seek higher and higher altitudes to escape the heat. This week I was fortunate to spend time in the high mountains riding my mountain bike through alpine meadows filled with blooming wild flowers, […]