As a practitioner of Eastern medicine, I look for the root cause of disease in the dysfunction of the internal organs. If I were to choose the one organ that comes up the most consistently as the root of dysfunction, it would be the stomach. Looking to the Stomach In Eastern medicine, the stomach is […]

Solar Term 21 | Dec 6 – Dec 20 Low Expectations It was a grey day, windy and cold, with just a dusting of snow on top of ice. It was the kind of day where it was hard to be outside. Even walking was a challenge on the trail after being beaten up with […]

Solar Term 18 | October 21 – November 7 There is land behind my house that needs attention. Every day I walk past, trying to create a vision of its potential. It’s been neglected for so long that it feels downtrodden. I walk through the plants pulling invasive weeds, inspecting the earth, and thinking of […]

Solar Term 17 | October 8 – October 21 Graceful leaves It is fascinating to watch the leaves change as they stop making food for the plants and trees. Each day as the sun retreats a little more, the leaves transform from being green and helpful to a stunning array of red, orange, and gold. […]

Solar Term 13 | August 7 – August 21 Hiking the big mountain peaks of the Canadian Rockies requires a level of focus and concentration that is unparalleled in my modern multi-tasking life. Walking across a scree field along the edge of a ridge leaves little room for mistakes. A small unfortunate misstep could require […]