Maile is a gifted practitioner who takes the time to get to the root of your health issues whether it is an orthopedic injury or internal medicine problem. She doesn’t just stop when symptoms subside but works with you to be the healthiest you can be using acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle counseling. It was a great experience working with her and made me a better practitioner.

Linda Greenwood, L.Ac.

Maile is an extremely talented acupuncturist / chinese medicine practitioner. It is clear that her knowledge runs deep in Eastern and herbal medicine, as well as being keenly aware of Western medicine modalities and benefits. She treats the individual, and the whole self. I have always felt her diagnosis’s are spot on. She’s truly magical. Thank you Maile for your professionalism and sharing your gifted self with us all!

Kari Moe-Hoffman

I value Maile as an acupuncturist because of her continuous effort to learn and to expand her knowledge.  I feel her work is more than just using the needles, she takes the time to connect with me before to see the bigger picture.  I experience her growing through her personal practices in Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness which positively influences her work with patients.

Elisabeth Lentz

After years of batting infertility, including many failed invasive medical procedures, Maile was recommended to me through a friend. Maile’s compassion and warmth was an immediate breath of fresh air. She helped me take a “whole body” approach to my health by listening to my history and offering sage advice regarding self-care and practicing thoughtful acupuncture. For me, she is the perfect complement to the typical western medicine route because she treats one’s entire being. I’m happy to say that Maile is now treating me through my third pregnancy. She’s been an invaluable addition to my life.

Jamie Cervelli

Maile is a true healer and caregiver. She looks at the big picture when it comes to your well being, and takes a thoughtful, caring approach. Whether you are coming in for a physical, mental or emotional reason – she will make you feel at ease, and can set you on the right path. I’ve seen Maile for many, many years, and I refer friends to her regularly. She will focus completely on you, and look at the big picture of your well being. From emotional trauma to physical ailments – or just preventative health – her knowledge and passion for healing benefits all of us.

Katie Eldridge

After years of stomach pain, countless tests and dead ends, I turned to Maile to see if acupuncture and herbs could help me; within a matter of mere months my years of stomach pain had disappeared, and today, nearly 2 years later, I am so grateful to say that I am still free of these issues. I have continued to see Maile at Stillpoint Healing (along with all of my family and a lot of my friends) because I know that she can look at individual health issues in a holistic sense, she picks up on incredibly subtle details in my life and health that lead to healing solutions. Maile has successfully treated me for chronic back pain, stomach issues, mental/emotional stress, and everything in between. She has also helped me recently in preparing for and recovering from jaw surgery, I now consider seeing Maile as a paramount component to my healing and simply cannot say enough about how talented she is. Do yourself the favor and book an appointment, you deserve it!

Heleena Sideris

I decided to try acupuncture as a last resort for my debilitating migraines. As I had already seen three doctors who couldn’t do much to help me, I was surprised when before treating me the acupuncturist talked, and more importantly listened, to me for about an hour, asking me questions about what I ate and drank and when, how I rested, what kind of work and family life I had, and essentially got to know me. He helped me identify triggers and patterns in my headaches and with that knowledge and three needle treatments I’ve been migraine-free for over 20 years. In subsequent years I’ve come to consider my acupuncturist, Maile McKain, my primary care physician. In the current healthcare system there seems to be only specialists prescribing drugs and surgeries. In contrast, Maile works with me, honoring my intuition, preferences and experiences, and uses needling, massage, herbs, nutrition advice, and she doesn’t hesitate to recommend traditional western medicine when it makes sense as part of the whole treatment plan. I sincerely believe that acupuncture and embracing Maile’s wholistic approach are the foundation of the robust good health I’ve experienced.

Heidi Hughes

I have been with Maile for years, because she is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I have received benefits of pain relief and healing , especially with a hip and major elbow injury. I love the fact that Maile continues with her education and learning and I receive the the benefits. She is very intuitive and compassionate. I trust her completely.

Karen Bettis

Chinese medicine and acupuncture have changed my life, and Maile has been one of the most influential people I have ever met. She has helped me heal not only physically but mentally as well by providing her knowledge and passion for her career and her clients. She has shown and taught me a way to love and take care of myself in a way I don’t think anyone else could have.

Abby Huges

Maile is, hands-down, the most effective and comprehensive healthcare practitioner I’ve ever seen. Not only did she listen thoughtfully to my concerns, she also took time to explain how we would together treat those concerns. She identified underlying causes I wasn’t aware of and focused her treatment there, and because those treatments have had long-term results, I haven’t seen Maile in months (at her recommendation even!). I couldn’t recommend Maile more highly!

Michelle Larson