Traditional Chinese Medicine

Throughout our lives, we will experience differing levels of wellness and wellbeing. Sometimes we’re trying to recover from acute issues such as an injury, while other times we’re struggling with something chronic. At other times still, we’re feeling great and want to maintain that feeling. Whatever your goals and concerns, wherever you are in your life’s journey, Chinese Medicine facilitates the diagnosis and healing process to create a state of enduring wellness.

The Practice

Chinese Medicine, also known as Eastern Medicine, was founded in India more than 2,500 years ago. Based on the foundational concept of Yin and Yang, Chinese Medicine is a medical practice that includes: herbal medicine (internal and external), tui-na (massage), gua-sha, cupping, movement, and nutrition and lifestyle therapy. We utilize these practices within the Yin and Yang concept to create balance in the body’s systems and aid in healing, recovery, and general wellness.


Treatment Plans

With any illness or concern, we first must diagnose the underlying issue and find the right treatment for that condition. With all of the treatments available to us, we are able to create a treatment plan designed specifically for your concerns and your body’s specific ecosystem, ensuring you are on your way to recovery or increased wellness as quickly as possible.

Following the Path of Wellness and Eastern Medicine

The Path

A sense of path is critical to our lives. It is meant as a guideline, to be considered, to be contemplated, and it seeks to promote learning and a process of self-discovery.

Chinese/Eastern medicine helps to create a healing path by having benchmarks to determine health and disharmony which are based on our natural cycles.

When you come in for treatment we will evaluate where you are on the path to healing and how to move forward on the path towards the goals of health, harmony, and dynamic balance.  

The Journey

The journey to wellness is a process that is guided by the path to wellness and dynamic balance.

We move from being dysfunctional to functional. Then we look at the quality of your function. The final phase is an effortless function.

Based on where you start in the journey, this is where we expect you to go and what you will experience.

Treatment plans may be as few as three treatments, and as many as three, six, or nine months based on where you are in the journey. 


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Maile is, hands-down, the most effective and comprehensive healthcare practitioner I’ve ever seen. Not only did she listen thoughtfully to my concerns, she also took time to explain how we would together treat those concerns. She identified underlying causes I wasn’t aware of and focused her treatment there, and because those treatments have had long-term results, I haven’t seen Maile in months (at her recommendation even!). I couldn’t recommend Maile more highly!

Michelle Larson
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