How can Mindfulness Reveal your True Nature?

This blog is about the mindfulness practice of paying attention to nature and how it is found within you. Timeless truths of nature, qualities of nature, are also the qualities of you and your true nature.

Recognizing your true nature clears away the blinding darkness of confusion. You can see clearly the true nature of your mind and body, like you can see the clear blue sky. This clarity eases your mind, calms your body, and opens your heart.

Today is the first day of meteorological spring. The quality of nature that is significant this time of year is the tender morning light from 5-7 am.

This tender morning light is reflected in the tender parts of our bodies, the lungs and colon, and the tender shoots of plants found in the warmer climates this time of year.

You can get to know your true nature by breathing deeply into your belly as you watch the sky change color from 5-7 am. It is the time to breathe deeply again after the shallow breath of sleep. It is the time to wake up and greet the day.

Feel the breath move the tender tissue of your lungs. Let your diaphragm expand to press on your kidneys, giving your adrenals a little massage. Allow the inhale be longer than the exhale.

This begins the balancing of the kidneys and adrenal glands. The adrenals need the delicate, tender quality of the lungs to activate them. At this time of day your adrenals do their work by secreting hormones to make your mind sharp and get your body moving.

I recommend a good morning routine for the spring: practice deep breathing, followed by dry brushing, and then a quick shower.

We are starting our internal spring cleaning with these practices. This daily purification will get you ready for the true flush-out that is around the corner. Spring is the best time of year to cleanse. Let me know in the comments below if you are interested in exploring the steps leading up to a true cleanse. I look forward to sharing that with you.