Looking through the Lens of Nature

The quality of nature that is significant in early summer is spreading. We can see this quality in flowers as they bloom, the petals gently spreading wide. Tree branches will spread out a bit further and reach towards the sun. It is found in birds spreading their wings to fly. And it is found in you as […]

Creating Something from Nothing

How did this sweet little pea come into being? The delight we feel for this precious little pea is due to the marvelous transformation that has occurred, seemingly out of nothing, in becoming its full expression of life. If you were to contemplate the invisible origin of the smallest of delights you have harvested, you […]

Tend your Inner Fire with Gratitude

At one time in my life, I had the most magnificent garden. It was located next to a river that roared deftly with the spring run off, swollen and mighty. In May, the garden would just begin to be productive. It would produce the smallest peas, made sweet by the cold nights. I would stand […]

Focusing your Will

The last two weeks were about setting your root by connecting with the ground. This is a metaphor for being in your body. This creates a sense of belonging. By belonging to the earth itself, being grounded, you feel more centered and balanced. This is the foundation for having balanced Earth energy. The physiology of water in our […]

Growing Healthy with the Energy of Spring

Poison creek runs through our backyard. It is a diurnal creek fed from the snowmelt of the Wasatch mountains. In the spring I find myself standing on the bridge mesmerized by the ever rising level of swirling muddy water. I watch the thin red roots of the willows that line the bank grow longer and deeper. There’s […]

How can Mindfulness Reveal your True Nature?

This blog is about the mindfulness practice of paying attention to nature and how it is found within you. Timeless truths of nature, qualities of nature, are also the qualities of you and your true nature. Recognizing your true nature clears away the blinding darkness of confusion. You can see clearly the true nature of your mind […]

I feel confident that I can maintain a clean and safe environment at my clinic while serving our community. Please note an updated policy change due to COVID-19 per Summit County Health Department If you are exhibiting any of the following symptoms, you shall be rescheduled to the later of fourteen (14) days, or three […]

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