The Path To Healing Is Within You

Stillpoint supports the journey.

One thing that distinguishes my practice is that I look for root cause resolution by addressing your underlying physiology. This means that we are not just managing symptoms, but correcting the source of the issue that is unique to each individual.

Illness is not just a collection of isolated symptoms, it is the way our lives and our histories and what we want impact our lives.Maile McKain

The Path of Healing

A sense of path is critical to our lives. It gives us ground, boundaries, vision, and understanding. The path to healing is an opportunity to cultivate your inner knowing. Once you know who you are, you can manifest your inner potential. This potential mean that healing is always possible. 


The Journey to Wellness

The journey to wellness is a process that is guided by the path. Dysfunctional –> Functional –> Quality of Function –> Effortless Function. Based upon where you start, this is where we expect you to go and what you will experience.

Where are you on the journey?

Restore Harmony,
Restore Life

The purpose of Eastern Medicine is to restore and maintain harmony. It is based upon the science of understanding the functional process of nature as it exists within the human body. The purpose is to restore harmony. By harmonizing the opposites that exist in our minds, bodies, and spirits, balance in life returns. We become centered. We move effortlessly through the transitions of life unencumbered.

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Maile is a true healer and caregiver. She looks at the big picture when it comes to your well being, and takes a thoughtful, caring approach. Whether you are coming in for a physical, mental or emotional reason – she will make you feel at ease, and can set you on the right path. I’ve seen Maile for many, many years, and I refer friends to her regularly. She will focus completely on you, and look at the big picture of your well being. From emotional trauma to physical ailments – or just preventative health – her knowledge and passion for healing benefits all of us.
Katie Eldridge
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